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Art Home Decor by Alina

Alina Handcrafted Collection Exotic Stones

with painter Svetlana Borisova
and photographer Alexandra Shaulin
Multipurpose Hall of Moniga del Garda
Moniga del Garda, Italy
September 2 - 12, 2022
The text in the poster:

“Two international artists defined by Professor Vittorio Sgarbi as among the most interesting of the national contemporary art scene: a happy hand (Alina Ciuciu) and a visionary artist (Svetlana Borisova), together with Alexandra Shaulin a talented and emerging photographer, will enchant your mind and your soul with their most significant works and will transport you into their world of colors.”

Tra Fantasia 2022 1
Tra Fantasia 2022 2 Tra Fantasia 2022 4
my paintings
Tra Fantasia 2022 3(e)
Photography by Alexandra Shaulin
Tra Fantasia 2022 10 Tra Fantasia 2022 9
Tra Fantasia 2022 6 Tra Fantasia 2022 8
Tra Fantasia 2022 1 mp4 Tra Fantasia 2022 2 mp4 Tra Fantasia 2022 4 mp4

My available paintings at the exhibit:  artedialina.com/available

For further information:

The website of Svetlana Borisova:  svetlanaborisova.com

The website of Alexandra Shaulin:  alexandrashaulin.it

( ecco il file PDF completo di questa locandina )

20 nov 2023